How do they juggle?

I used to think, stay home mom life is challenging. Then lately besides taking care of 2 little boys, Chris and I wanted to venture into some small business. It involves a lot of planning, info sourcing, etc.. It takes time, patient to do it especially when i have 2 kiddos, i only can do that when they are napping. When they are awake, they cling to me, although it’s their play time, Manfred always demand me to play with him.
So i realize it’s really hard to JUGGLE when u have to work and take care baby! I start to salute those working mom!!!! actually we should all salute moms in the world! We are the greatest! aiseh, beh paiseh one…
I feel guilty sometimes, cause despite exhaust after work, chris come home still have to spend some time with Manfred and Jude, cause they 2 sure miss their daddy. Then after they went to bed which is around 9something, Chris have to stay awake and do some research, reply email… Usually he goes to bed later than me. Lately i rarely see he watch his sports channel also.. Thank you dear for being so involve in both your work, career, and family.
After Em came, I start to have more time. I can now slowly help chris reply some email, make some calls to supplier, manage some correspondence.. I am glad to help.. i always wan to help, provided Man and Jude don’t screams downstairs when i am up here working..
If u are wondering, why am i blogging when i should be “helping’? aiseh, today work finish d mar.. they 2 also playing nicely downstairs with Em and their grandpa. Em now can carry Jude while supervise Manfred. But we will never leave they 2 alone with Em lar. always an adult around.
Our business plan has been more progressing.. obstacle here and there, but we just have to take things 1 at a time. no point rushing…
Friend out there wondering what we doing? need not ask. we will announce when time is right…. muaks muak..


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