Jude 5th month milestone

So fast….. Jude is 5mths old already.. I just can’t believe it. No wonder I realize he is showing more and more interest on his surrounding. His sight is much much better now, and he even have better control over his hand and feet.
He will lean over to grab things that is in front of him. He react to sound very well, could tell where the source from. He always smile to ppl, familiar or new faces, he is alright with anyone. he still doesn’t like to take bottles. Prefer mommy breast, smart baby! He do look for mommy at night and show crankiness if i am not around. I am trying to let Em take care of him more besides feeding time. I dun wan both Jude and Manfred cling to me when they wan to sleep. Em is showing love to both the boys. Especially Jude. I guess because manfred is elder and terrible 2 not everyone can handle.

Head circumference : 43cm
Height : 65cm
Weight : 8.1kg


2 thoughts on “Jude 5th month milestone

  1. edeltwong

    jude sure feels more then 8.1kg hahahahhaha
    so fast 5 months. I must see him more often before he grow out of his baby phase ;P

    1. lyncpf513

      yes bying, baby grow so fast.. without realizing it, they started running around d… Jude as 2nd baby, i actually have no time to slowly “enjoy” his baby phase… hahahahah

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