My 2 cents about Singapore

I went to Singapore on a 3D2N trip.. Chris had a mission on that trip.. he was collecting something there. Instead of just collecting, we decided to tag along and go for short family trip..
Overall experience there really not good. I Feel Stressed! I feel crowded, feel they are very lansi… and lanyong.. Liv wanted the lansi lanyong episode.. it’s episodes… though all short short episodes.. it bothers me!!

It goes like this, Autopass, first time using it.. We got it at singapore immigration. Chris feedback singaporean, very professional, helpful, and friendly… BUT.. once u entered.. WAHSEH!!
All the ppl there like very kan cheong, walk very fast… in the mall, when u walk slower a bit, u hear “aiyor” “zek” annoying sound.. etc.. as if we are blocking their way of picking up somekind of gold!! Hello, shopping sure see see look look one lar.. if u are walking fast catching a mrt, it’s ur problem, i am in a mall, trying to shop, looking for thing to buy.. if u are so hurry and no time to slow down and enjoy ur time during weekend, sorry for u lar.. PISSED Me off really!!!!

Then at quiet street in front of our hotel, on a quiet afternoon, not much car, not many ppl.. I was unloading to go into hotel. I look around, no car approaching, so i open up the car door, unbuckle safety beltm, trying to bring my little Jude out, half way, a taxi approach, then shoke his head like I am blocking his hell the way.. it was just a 10 sec wait.. can’t he show some sympathy to a mum unloading her baby? was it necessarily to Shoke his head? and honk? WAH SEH.. I really feel so upset with them..

Of coz i do met some nice ppl who is very polite, give way, understand, doesn’t show color….
As much as i adore the capability of the country to perform much better than malaysia economically…. I do not like their attitude.. sucks.. I met some very nice singaporean back here.. I did not expect to meet those arrogant person on my trip.. maybe was my unlucky days.. 6 years back when i was in singapore, i din have this kind of feeling.. or i did but forgot? I might and might not visit Singapore again.. if i do, i hope for a more pleasant experience…..

Liv, how was thing when u first step there and work? and Liap, how u survive there? I got so depressed le..


2 thoughts on “My 2 cents about Singapore

  1. Liv Teh

    GOOD POINT!!! you have to walk fast, faster and fastest!!! haha! singaporean no longer accept kindness. You gotta be LOUD, FIERCE and BOMBZ!!! ( the latest Jia lat Miss Singapore Ris Low).
    When I first worked there, it was like, 6 years ago…dont really remember how Jia Lat the situations la..just have to adapt to chg, coz no choice ma..kakaka. The escalator SUPER FAST lor!! that’s my first impression.Overall, I still prefer Singapore, because it’s safe to live. Crime rate damn low. 12 am can walk here and there, No problem. other than that, just dont care la! do wat i want to do..and enjoy life. $#%$%%&^*&* those ppl la!

    1. lyncpf513

      Liv, I do agree with you. It’s safer there, but I guess there’re in too fast of a pace they forgot about the nice thing bout slowing down once in a while.. But it’s true we can’t ask for perfection.. Each country each place has its own flaws… haha maybe my pace has slowed down so much so i find it super hard to adapt..

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