Singapore Trip – Day 2

Day 2 we were suppose to visit Singapore Zoo. Manfred and Jude woke up extremely early. 7am. Chris was still not well from previous night stomach upset. So I decided to let him sleep in and rest more.. coz he been driving whole day also.. Then Em and myself took both kids out for a walk… i realize morning was very quiet and breezy… then we also stop by a food court for porridge.. I manage to force manfred eat some porridge, coz i know when we out to zoo and shopping, it will be a war for me to try to feed him…God I was damn right, whole day he was munching on biscuits and sponge cake only… and his previous formula…
We left to Zoo around 10something 11…

Manfred vomit in the car on our way to Zoo.. MESSY MESSY MESSY!!!!
when reach the zoo, Em carry Jude while i entertain Manfred and show him animals there.. He recognize Monkey immediately and told me monkey sound ” uh Uh uh, ah ah ah” cute… he learnt that from brainy baby video i bought for me.. he was very timid when he sees all the animal.. he wants to be there, yet he is not brave enough to explore on his own, cling to me most of the time.. and cried when i brought him to stand beside parrots to snap photo.. URGH!!!

WE saw crocodile, Kangaroo, parrots, different types of Monkeys, orang utan, i am not good in animals name, so dun expect i can name u all of them.. hahahaa and we went to polar bear exhibit… manfred had good time there, coz it was polar bear feeding time, and manfred get to see polar bear resting, Man said polar bear “oi oi” (sleeping)… We left after the visiting polar bear, coz Chris was still very ill, and Manfred was tired, and Jude also sweating… Chao at 1.30pm.. very little thing done… and few photo snap, coz Chris really tak boleh tat day. We went back hotel to sleep….

They slept for 2-3hours… Then evening we head to takashimaya for shopping.. and dinner.. Overall, the shopping experience was not great.. CROWDED CROWDED CROWDED!!!!!! was it like that eveyrday? or becoz it was holiday? or becoz it was weekend? So hard to shop in a mall too crowded.. We went ION, Taka, and paragon.. but i din buy anything.. we went Tony Romas for baby ribs.. want to try it for so long.. finally go singapore, must try lar.. DISSAPOINTED>> not as tasty as i thought. so sad…

Then we went back Shaw House and walk for a while in ISEtan. I got some educational toy for Manfred and Jude.. For Manfred it was a story book that u can stick animal in and learn to count.. Jude was something similar but his can be used in bath, reading time or play time.. I yet to open up the package, but i guess i will today.. I also bought 1 lullaby cd, and a nursery rhyme cd.. also not yet show to manfred coz he had few Barney CD i bought lately, dun wan give him too many choices at once…

oh yea, first day I did bought a top from M&S and I bought sports shoe too.. I wan to start Jogging again.. so i found a pair on sales.. SGD89.50 Nike jogging shoe. not sure if its’ cheaper, but i need it and saw it, so i bought it lo..

1 thing i am glad, Chris was well and better after long nap in afternoon.. at least he wasn’t that miserable d….


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