Some of the shoppings I did lately..

GEOX Heel I sapu from Geox warehouse on the last day in Singapore Trip..


Nursery Rhymes CD For Manfred.. Later when Jude grows older, he could use it too!!


This is for Jude.. hope he enjoys learning shapes, counting with it.. Can be used even in bath time too..


Lullaby CD for both Manfred and Jude.I am wondering, When can they fall asleep on their own listening to lullaby?


Busy Farm that Manfred can learn bout Farm, Counting, and it has 8 animals with Velcro for him to stick in onto pages.. Sounds fun to me..


This is the sports shoe i been wanting to get.. I wan to go back to brisk walk again, and then gradually back to my jogging regime.. Sagging Butt need SOS rescue d… SGD89.50.. If i failed to jog 3times weekly, I will get nagging from Chris definitely…

Before I went to Singapore, I went do little shopping in Toy’ R us in Plaza Damas. I got few sets of puzzles for Manfred.. These are the ones.. I only open up 1 set.. will gradually introduce more to him..

Alphabets Puzzle..


Shapes Puzzle.. like too simple for him.. coz he knows all the shapes here already.. but can hand down to Jude..


The Farm Puzzle.. Teaches him more animals…. I also got a vehicles Puzzle.. he is already playing it for weeks.. din get a photo of it……

Fun shopping? definitely….


2 thoughts on “Some of the shoppings I did lately..

  1. wow…that’s a lot of shopping! 🙂 ur kid’s cupboard can masuk all the books and toys? mine’s like sooo full…dare not buy d…or probably buy another cupboard

    1. lyncpf513

      hahaha actually cupboard quite full already also.. But few months back we refurbish the upstairs living hall, added alot of storage.. but now also almost full liao.. So i have to start sorting out the “inappropriate” item then pack into the store lo…. hai.. kids outgrown very fast.. every month have to sort their clothes, toys, books, etc according to their age, and their growth rate….

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