My Joyous little Jude

IMG_1448Jude o Jude.. I love you as much as the “headache” I had from you… U are such a joyous baby.. Who ever u sees, u smiles at them.. Whenever u sees mommy or when mommy calls ur name, u always takes my breath away with a great big smile…

However, U r such a demanding baby.. U r like the superglued I never see before… Or i think Koala is the more appropriate word to describe u.. But mommy still love you very much…

Here’s some of ur very cute moments when you are 5 1/2 months old… Lately u love to screams of excitements.. and You love riding on kor kor’s yellow bike…. U can sit on it without support (but with supervision) and sometimes u even hold to stand up on ur own…

Smiling Jude… Happy Jude…yawning Jude…On tummy…on yellow bike….on bumbo..


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