Pasta for Manfred’s lunch

I learn this from healthfreakmommy.  It’s very simple, fast, easy and yet delicious meal to cook. I have never once cook in my life before. the idea of cooking turns me off due to the aftermath. So i usually rather eat take out food then cook myself.

With a 2 year old toddler, and 6mths old baby, I know it’s important for me to cultivate their good eating habit, and eat lesser outside food. Home cook food is much healthier, tastier and nutritious. I was fortunate to be brought up with 90% of time eating healthy home cook food by my mum. Being a SAHM I guess I should start learning… Not too late right?

Anyway, thanks to healthfreakmommy. and many other blogger mommy for sharing. They took the hassle and efford to post and share with dummy like me. It makes me realize cooking can be fast, fun. easy, nutritious and delicious at the same time.



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