I am cook for the day..

My MIL is away since thursday. She is the master cook of the house. With her around, I dare not cook. Coz she is too good and I dun think anyone would want to flush anything i cook down the throat except Manfred. 🙂

Since she is away and I realize everyone got no choice to eat out, I decided that I will simply cook a simple lunch before I bring Manfred out to his Shichida class.

This morning I cook organic apple & banana oat porridge. He loved it. 13112009183

For lunch, I make steam fish and steam egg with minced pork.

Everything is steamed cause i lazy to “wok” the lunch.. grease every where.. ahahahah My maid did stir fried some vege thou..


2 thoughts on “I am cook for the day..

  1. lyncpf513

    Hi Annie, I Love Ginger!!!! tat’s why i look forward confinement food so much.. the food only.. LOL. 🙂 I give my boy separate dish…. and he take the steam egg with minced pork lo… My boy carbo king… training him to take more protein thou..

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