Manfred’s 2nd birthday celebration at Kidz Zone

This is a backdated post. Mainly due to I was waiting for the copy of photo from Chris’ friend YKhing to pass us the photos. This round we decided to get help from pro instead of having our guest to offer “free” photography cause we would like them to concentrate having good times with their kids. However, still I see more than 7 DSLR!!! hahahah

Manfred’s birthday was on 9Nov, so we make use of weekend and decided to celebrate his birthday on 8Nov09. As he is 2 now and we find we could host a birthday party “in favor” to birthday boy. So instead of hosting the party at home, we have it at an indoor playground. After some “shopping”, we find that KidzZone in Plaza damas suits him the most. Mainly due to the layout it’s easier for us to monitor him through out the play.

IT was very relaxing and enjoyable day for Manfred and myself. It’s a party to please all the childrens!!! I would like to thank all the parents that make their effort in bringing their little ones to celebrate Manfred’s birthday. It was a previous Sunday.

By looking at these photos, I can tell Manfred was very very very happy boy on 8nov…

To view more photos from Manfred’s celebration, Click here


5 thoughts on “Manfred’s 2nd birthday celebration at Kidz Zone

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  2. hi lynette…thks for dropping by with a comment & being a secret reader, haha
    i bet having a bday party at the kids’ playgrd is definitely going to be a good choice. and looks like kidzsport has done a good job, i like the banner done at the wall. happy belated bday to manfred !!

    1. Lynette Chua

      Jacklyn, you’re most welcome as I enjoy reading blog of yours! And fun to know how mommy handle boy x 2 which same age~! LOL. I did enjoy the birthday party myself. Knowing that all kids will have activities to keep them busy, while I get to catch up with my friends.:)

      Thanks for dropping by my humble blog..

    1. Lynette Chua

      Thanks Annie, I have higher expectation for the cake thou.. 🙂 luckily my son still can recognize it’s actually Volkswagen beetles. If not, my heart would have sunk deep… LOL

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