My sunday.

Weekends in November is really busy one. First we were busy with Manfred’s 2nd birthday celebration. Then this week is Chris’ company annual dinner. My cousin sister’s wedding plus my ex-colleague’s wedding as well.

Back when I was still a wife and yet to take up the job as mom, I was pretty flexible, I could attend weddings back to back, party, potlucks etc etc.. No problem! Now?! Aiseh, I need to plan ahead, pre-charge myself to make sure I can handle all the invitations. Thank goodness this kind of weddings marathon only happen once in a while.

Today wedding lunch is held in Klang, Restaurant V Garden. We leave KL at 11am and manage to reach restaurant before 12.30 after dropping Em off at my mom’s place. First time attending wedding lunch. Didn’t know have to wait till 2something only food were served. I was starving already!!! Luckily Jude fell asleep the moment food was served. I get to eat peacefully, handicapped way cause Jude was sleeping in the ring sling. (Can’t put him in stroller, cause it’s very TRADITIONAL type of receptions) Karaoke session through out the luncheon and ppl even bring their own copy of CD to karaoke!!!!!!! And did I mention the PA was really really really LOUD?????

The food was fantastic though. I enjoyed the food very much. Not sure if it was because I was quite hungry though. 🙂 During the luncheon, Manfred keep asking us to bring him to the stage, cause he saw kids playing there, as usual, he also want to join in the gang lar. Then when we were leaving, Manfred doesn’t want to leave lor. Luckily no fuss made lar. Sister Pling agreed to take Manfred for the day after lucheon. She and her hubby was going to bring Manfred for swim while Chris and myself go do some Xmas shopping.

We went pyramid. Hoping to get gifts for niece and nephew. I already have in mind what I want to get. I chose pyramid cause it’s nearer to Bkt Rimau and convenient for me to pick up Manfred after shopping trip. BUT, end up there’s no Toys’R us and I didn’t cross anything of my Xmas shopping list. *Pengsan*.

But we did get some other things achieved. Chris manage to cross something off his “window shopping list” LOL.

My colleague wedding is the same day but in the evening, I decided to not attend as it takes up too much of my energy. hahahah feel so old when i say this. So I tumpang my another x colleague pass the ang pau.

Swimming session did not exhaust Manfred out. He only turns in at 10.45pm. But I can tell he is very happy with his day. I can see he enjoyed his time spent with his yiyi(my sister) and yi zhang(sister hubby). He was playing happily when I went pick him up… And “report card” from yiyi is “GOOD”.


2 thoughts on “My sunday.

  1. edeltwong

    i can never forgot the horror incident when i saw old folks bring their own CD for karaoke session on weddings hhahahha.

    i guess this is the only public occasion for them to sing out their so call talent!

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