Some siblings moments

This is just some clips I would like to share. It’s the tiny bits moments a mom would like to remember when she grows old. And hopefully by then the clip still available to show to the grown up babies,
This day I decided to dress Jude up as baby tiger! It’s fun for me to watch him crawling around in the costumes. Not only I had fun! Manfred had Fun too! Manfred keep biting Jude’s tail! LOL

See how Manfred kor kor accompany Jude in the baby cot? Manfred initiated to go into the baby cot and play with Jude. I guess i prefer Manfred out of it. Cause reason Jude in it is to ensure his safety. With Manfred in it, it’s like placing a lion next to him. But it’s enjoyable for me cause I just need to be the “supervisor”. At the end see how Manfred “Laugh”. HAHAHA


8 thoughts on “Some siblings moments

  1. Hi Lynette,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, 2 boys huh? And the age gap is good as well, not too far apart and not too close either. I was just telling my hubby the other day maybe we should try oats for our going to be 9 mths old boy since he’s not into porridge when we intro it to him yesterday. Can you share the recipe of your banana & oat porridge?

    You’ve got a great blog here, keep it up!

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi there, is Jenny your name? Nice to meet you. 🙂 the banana & oat porridge is very very easy. Just get any organic oat, or quaker quick oat, cook 2-3tablespoon of oat with water. (water slightly cover the oat), add in 1/4 banana. Let it all cook together for 1-2 min or till the desire consistency. Cut another 1/4 banana into slices and serve on top of the oat porridge.

      You can also make other type oat porridge by adding pumpkin, or egg(after1 year old), or apple, sweet potato, pear puree. ( I make own puree for my younger one. Sometimes i will cook it with oat so they 2 can share for breakfast..
      Hope you little ben will like oat..

      1. Hi Lynette,

        Yup, Jenny’s my name. Nice to meet you too 🙂 I’m a SAHM since June this year so I’ve got all the time to breastfeed and homemade the food for my Ben.

        I’ve always had this perception that oat is going to make it harder to pass motion so never thought of trying it until I saw your banana oat porridge pic and also bcos Ben rejected the rice porridge + carrots slice + ikan bilis soup.

        We’re going to get the organic oat once hubby’s car is back from repair. Thanks alot for the recipe!

  2. Lynette Chua

    Hi Jenny, it didn’t came across my mind to give oat porridge at first. But my mom cook it and give it to manfred when she help me bb sit him for a few days. And Manfred loves it. With fruits in it i dun have to worry bout digestion and Manfred pretty much loves it so much. He always polished off the whole bowl. Also I find oat actually is quite nutritious and it will be good if he can take oat as breakfast as habit.
    I have read ur post on making home made bb food!! 🙂 another lucky baby ben!! Got a SAHM to take care of him, and exclusively breastfeed some more!! WAY to go Jenny!! Will ask for tips from u regarding bf whenever I need!!

  3. Actually I read about oats when I was researching on the Net before starting Ben on solids at 6mths old but don’t dare to try – scared he constipate cos too much fibre hahaha… I can’t wait for hubby’s car to be ready so we can go out and buy the organic oats!

    Btw, you can share your post in our SAHM club forum as well ( Brainchild of me and another SAHM I met via Babycenter MY (She initiated the post cos she can’t find any club or forums on SAHM and I created the forum and copy paste those relevant posts from my blog to the forum for sharing) 😀

    You are veteran already with 2 boys.. I’m just a new mummy with a going to be 9mths old.. I should be asking you for tips hehehe…

  4. Jude looked SO cute in the tiger costume. Where did you get the costume from? BTW, your name sounds so familiar to me. I used to have a friend with the name of Lynette Chuah too when I was taking a HR course at MIPM many years ago.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Shireen, the costume is actually a hand-me-down from Manfred. My x-colleague bought for Manfred’s full moon 2 years back… I think Jude looks very very adorable in the costume. some friend request to dreess Jude up in the tiger costume when I bring him out.. *faint*

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