Xmas Tree 2009

We got the tree up on saturday afternoon. This year color was gonna be purple. Got everything set up, Then realize it’s kinda dark and dull, then we went on get some more ornaments when we out shopping, Turns out to be better. I personally like it very much.

We still need to scout for presents and get it wrapped up to put under the tree thou. Niece and nephew had told me what they wanted. So yet to get time to go buy… hopefully by this coming weekend we could get everything done.

This year, including every previous year, whenever we want to put up the tree, my mil will ask us not to put up. The first year cause she say no one will keep the tree. We put up we clean up we pack up. 2nd year he say hard to keep Manfred’s hand off the tree.. the truth is, Manfred wasn’t really that into that tree.. This year again she say Jude will kacau the tree and etc etc. Then nag for whole afternoon.. *sigh* I just want to have a tree to add on the holiday season feel, make the children happy, and make myself happy.. like dat also cannot meh?

How i wish i have my own house where I can place any tree where ever I want!! LOL

Anyway, most important is… THE TREE IS STILL UP!! wakakakakakakakakakak

9 thoughts on “Xmas Tree 2009

  1. Purple very elegant!
    Hahaha..you always have your way…Good!!!
    I will have my own tree after christmas….(will have huge huge price cut)…hahah that way i can save a lot and bring it back singapore. Very cheapo hor!

    1. Lynette Chua

      Wei, if u say u cheapo, Then I also cheapo lo. Coz I bought the Xmas tree 4 years back during price slash, which is after XMAS!! waakakakaka

    1. Lynette Chua

      Edel, This year I will count down beside ur red Xmas tree… 🙂
      This year Chris and I decided that we will shop for next year ornaments!! waiting for the sale to come.. LOL so cheap skate hor?

      1. edeltwong

        yah yah, my red tree is all up!

        i am thinking the same thing!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaha. Maybe we should go shopping for ornaments together. i love those at metrojaya.

        I am looking at either purple or Blue & white deco for my next tree.

  2. Wah! You got a huge x’mas tree there. We have not put up ours one…lazy..

    Although my in laws are not christian, but usually we will make it a point to set up x’mas tree every year and also we got exchange gift. hahahhahhaha

    1. Lynette Chua

      Annie, Get the tree out so your boys could help u decorate too!! it’ll be a very fun weekend family activity!!

      U r so right, what’s the better excuse to exchanging gift than having a tree up?? Each year we will have pic taken with all the gift underneath!! The happiest is of course the kids!! And I love seeing Kids happy!!

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