Manfred at his peak interest for food.

I guess every baby/infant/toddler goes thru this phase. Manfred was not a food lover ever. It took me 1 month to teach him take solids. Despite he was 6months old, sitting without support well and even started crawling. Yet he just don’t love solids.

And when he turns 18months, I started “training” him to take more solids, regular solids and reduce his milk intake. 6months time to be exact. He started take only 3bottles of formula(7oz) (previously 5-7bottles perday), eat 3meals, 2snacks, and no more night feed.

Nowdays he is very into food. Whenever his meal is served, he will happily bring one of his toy car along, sit on his booster chair and polish every off the plate. Then even when it’s our meal time, he will come in and request to sit together and eat again. So i observe that now I let him eat together with us instead of separate time.

Also whoever that holds food in their hand, Manfred will walk over and say “mum mum”, then request to test the food!! So we just let him taste and test whatever he wants lar.

Last 2 days, he requested to eat my bowl of rice instead of his porridge. So i switch with him. He can eat pretty much all adult foods now. Except meats we have to cut into smaller pieces for him. He loves soup.

Today, I was enjoying my daily cuppa coffee around 11.30am. He saw it and he said:”soup”. I told him it was coffee and we didn’t make any soup today. But he continue to whined and wanted to have soup. I have no choice but to make a bowl of “soup” for him. Guess how I do it?

I mix bovril with hot water lo. LOL. And the best part is, he drank the whole bowl on his own!!!! I also gave him some mash pumpkin to go with the soup. He loved it.

So I guess his weight is definitely growing at a very steady rate looking at the food intake now!! Luckily he no longer request me to carry him so frequent..


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