Keyence Annual dinner 2009

Backdated post from nov. Saturday we lazed at home the whole morning. Sister in law brought over her kids to come play with Manfred. Manfred was so dear that he nap from 12.30 to almost 4pm. Gives Chris time to read newspaper, go online and I get to sneak out to salon for hair treatment. So blessed.

I always think both Manfred and Jude is daddy’s lover boy. Whenever I get Chris to look after them for few hours, even though I am worried that they will cause chaos and make Chris restless. Yet each time they will behave so well and most of time they sleeps thru the whole time while I was away from them. By the time I am back to “mommy” duty, they start to be awake, fully charged and end up i become the one go crazy.. I also don’t know whether to be glad bout this or not. I guess I am just a little jealous. 😛

Evening dinner was held at Hotel Grand Millennium. It’s located opposite KL plaza. Each year, the no of kids attended keep growing. 🙂 more and more members join in. There were 4-5 kids which is in the age group of 2-3 year old which Manfred immediately blend himself in so well that he wasn’t even looking for us for the whole night! Luckily I did feed Manfred some sandwich before leave home.

This is Manfred arriving at the venue and warmed up immediately~!

There’re some episodes during the night thou. For starter, Jude cling on to me when we first arrive, even when Em carry him also he keeps crying. Once place in my lap he is absolutely fine. Only want mommy’s lap. So end up I have to eat with him in my arms lo. (I Purposely bring along EM so she could help take care of Jude while we eat.) By 9.30pm Jude finally fall asleep after feed. Then I get to enjoy food with both hands. LOL.

Manfred on the other hand, absolutely enjoying himself. He was running around all the time, playing with all the kor kor jie jie there. His episode was when Joshua (Chris colleague’s son) demand to take Manfred’s citroen toy car, Manfred screams real loud and I think scares Joshua off a little. So Joshua was crying and crying and crying.. *head in a hole* I was so paiseh and i have to try to cool Joshua down. Then I offer Joshua a little blue bettle toy car that I have in bb bag. Finally he stop crying.. poor boy. FYI, I always have toy cars in my bb bag, can’t leave home without them coz Manfred is absolute car fanatic.

2nd episode is when Manfred try to take the stairs to get up to stage, colleague’s son Lionel, was trying to stop Manfred from going up to the stage, so Lionel pull Manfred down and obviously at age of 2 Manfred’s balancing u know lar… “half pail water”, so he fell to ground backward and hit his head.. I think he got quite a scares from that, he cries for a while….

Despite the episodes, after some hugs and apologies, kids seems to be playing happily together again like nothing ever happened before!!!

Here is Manfred taking part in the little contest for Kids. Join up all the pin to make the longest chain.. Of course Manfred cannot do it himself, Daddy helped out and Manfred just want to be a part of it.

And here’s my buddy who is also hubby’s colleague. She is posing with her very lop bf..

Here’s picture of the team, Manfred received consolation price for little contest and our family photo.


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