Looking back..2009

Aiks, so fast!!!! Time passes like rockets!!! Oh Gosh aren’t I aging?!

Anyhow, 2009 was not a very good year for me. First quarter the company that hubby worked in VSS and hubby almost got laid off. Sweat as I was heavily pregnant with 2nd baby and I WAS NOT WORKING!!

3rd quarter 1 evening I went cycling and I fell down while I was actually stopping by the road side!! What is the probability of falling off bicycle when you are not moving?! Seriously?!

And to sum up my miserable experiences, I got 4 stitches on my head due to the accident

Of course 2009 was not all about bads. I gave birth to beautiful Jude. Our 2nd son. He is such a joy and I can’t help to say it again. He is really really cheerful, joyous, gorgeous and everything to me.

2009 also mark the year that I stepped into motherhood for exactly 2 years and the fruitful years and memories i get from those years is way beyond my expectations. And I enjoy every bits of it.

2009 marked a lot a lot of changes in my life, hubby’s life, our life as husband and wife, our life as family… We have some bumpy road along the road and I am very proud and glad to say we been there and it made us stronger team!

2009 marked the year we achieved a few goals we set earlier this year! A Few that is financially related especially brought us a lot of sense of achievements. We able to settle off 1 of our mortgage and 2nd mortgage we would love to work harder and hope to get it done by 2010 so we could then start buying a new house! Yeah!


4 thoughts on “Looking back..2009

  1. joshua's mummy

    yeah, there are always “good” and “bad” each year……but dun dwell on the bad lar, improve on it hehe……btw are u from KL?

    1. Lynette Chua

      Joshua’s mummy, yes I am from KL. What about u? and is Shirlin ur name? My name is Lynette and nice to meet U!
      Thank you for dropping by my blog ya

  2. rachel

    wow..u r going to get a 3rd property???? very rich la u..

    yeah…same like u. i didnt like 2009. so many bad than good. but what i liked most is getting my eyes lasered. now no need to wear glasses at all…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Rachel, Wow, getting lasered is one of the thing I would like to do. 🙂 No glasses so convenient hor? was the procedure scary?

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