Candy lover

Manfred is absolute candy lover. Want him to go potty? give him a candy.
Want him to stop crying? Give him a candy..

candy almost works like a magic wand… It’s bad i know.. Bad Mummy bad mummy!!!!

I shall put a stop to it. In fact I am putting a stop to it. I suspect he had a tooth decay. Yes u heard me right, He might have tooth decay, at the tender age of 2!!! What is WRONG MUMMY LYNETTE?!?!!!!

I should sentenced myself to jail for this!!!
Hence, I bought this to replace candy. Healthier snack than candy right? And the best part is , he somehow accept it.

At times when he ask for candy, he will say

Manfred: Mummy sweet please.

Then I will go to the fridge and gave him cheese cube instead. Then I thought i could trick him and i say

Mummy: sweet yummy?

Manfred: Cheese na…



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