He says, she says

This always happens in the morning, after we awake…

*Manfred woke up from his sleeps, mummy and Jude still in la la land*

Manfred: Mummy wake up lar

Mummy: hm. okay

Manfred: mummy wake up lar

*Mummy open eyes reluctantly but somehow have to show cheerful face* and greet

Mummy: Good morning Manfred!

Manfred: Watch tv lar…

Mummy: Okay, Manfred go on Barney.

*Manfred paused and think for a while*

Manfred: Mummy on tv lar…

Mummy: Manfred good boy go on tv lar..

Manfred: Mummy help lar…. *At the same time holding my hand and drag it and ask me go on tv*

so polite say help some more.. HOW LER?? Mummy have to on lor..


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