Jude and Lyn got electric shock…..

Xmas is around the corner, hence our Xmas tree is up since few weeks back. But last week one of the lights doesn’t lit and hubby took it down to repair it. then before even we able to put up the light after repair, another set stop working again. So hubby took it down but it’s working!?!

SO it was so convenient they just left the light on leaving it beside the TV. The light was blinking and it’s quite nice to see.. that’s why Jude decided to lay his hand on it… 2 sec his hand on the light, I was alerted and went take it away and we both got shocked by electric for 2-3 sec!!!!

WAH SEI!! He cried of course.. mainly due to pain and shock! I was terrified too!!!!!

Good news is, now he stops when we say “NO!”



8 thoughts on “Jude and Lyn got electric shock…..

    1. Lynette Chua

      edel, of course it hurts!!!! Some more my little 7mth old have to endure the pain and “learn” together with me.. pathetic!

  1. rachel

    OMG! Be careful le… we should never leave things around n take for granted. thank God nothing happen…

    Wishing u and family a Merry Merry xmas and new year

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