Tiger Jude!

Whenever I am away from Jude, he refuses bottle. He rather starved than drinking off the bottle. Now we have no choice but to feed him solid when I am away. After solid my mil will spoon him some EBM too.

But when Manfred kor kor drink milk, Jude always want to snatch away his bottles!!!!!! Look how ganas a 7months old baby can be..

Manfred somehow still very happy when “Tiger Jude” attack him! hahahah


5 thoughts on “Tiger Jude!

  1. Lynette Chua

    Carol, thanks for the reviews!! it’s very useful information!! I have tried a few different cups and I even bought adiri natural nurser.

    Honestly I yet to discover something that Jude accept 100%. Mainly cause I don’t feed him with any bottles or cups or what so ever. I can’t bear seeing him cry for my breast. So I leave it to my mil or my mum. When I come back, I just “read” report card from the carer. So long they say Jude did eat, drink milk and contented and nap. I am happy… So everytime I go out, I have to prepare few different cups or bottles and see which one he uses that day…
    Glad that baby-V is doing great with Combi mug….

  2. My boy refused to drink from his feeding bottle since 8-9 months old. I’ve also tried the feednig cups and the adiri nurser too but it didn’t work. The only choice we could have is to spoon feed him his milk. We’ve been doing that till now, @25 months old.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog.
      Wow, till now also he refuses bottle?? There’s really pros and cons when they take bottles. It’s much easier feeding them with lesser mess. But at the same time, when they are a little grown like 2 year plus, it’s a hassle to still have to bring bottles along whenever we go out..

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