No longer candy lover

This is a follow up post from Candy lover. I stopped giving Manfred candies and sweet junks after I discover he has tooth decay at age2!~

When I made the “announcement”,  I was kind of worry that it might not work as in Manfred might make a big fuss about not having anymore candies.. Even on weekends.

Day 1, he did ask for sweets after meals. I said no. He cried.

Day2, I have a short conversation with him

Mummy: Man, you cannot eat sweet sweet already okay? After your teeth                            pain pain.. teeth spoilt spoilt..

Manfred: *look at me with puzzled look*

I not sure if he get it. But so long I get the message across already.

One fine day, we were out in daddy’s car. He saw daddy’s sweets and asked for it. Daddy said no. He was upset, but didn’t fuss for long.

It’s been more than a week Manfred go without a single candy. We gave him cheese instead. So now he ask for cheese for his treats. 🙂

Yesterday when we were at carrefour check out counter, he saw lots of lollipop.

Manfred:  Mummy, many many sweets.

Mummy: Oh.. yes, many many sweets. * worried that Manfred might ask for sweet*

Manfred: No more sweet sweet, teeth spoilt spoilt.

Mummy: *Happy and proud* Manfred remembered and actually understand.

I went home and told my in law about it. This morning, My FIL seduce Manfred with rock honey. Manfred rejects it!!! Then evening time, I asked him if he wants sweet, again he said no…

Bravo! Manfred! Next time if you grow up and ever came across this post,

Mummy just want you to know that you made mummy a very proud mummy. You have always been such a good boy and mummy love you very much!


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