Xmas eve eve!!

YEAH!! I can’t help to feel very extremely superb EXCITED!!! It’s Xmas eve eve!!! Hahahahahah But down side is, hubby still working till tomorrow. And he is in Melaka some more.. Miss him dearly..

We are having a potluck party on Xmas eve at Lady Twong house. I used to go lady twong house very frequent back in school days.. Nowdays everyone busy with work and I am in KL, I really rarely go to her house.. Guilt guilt guilt! That’s why when she host a party at her house, I say let’s do it!

I being the hopeless one when it comes to cooking, I am only bringing some take out… Dessert.. hahahahaha Chocolate tempation from Fruity Cake house. I wanted to buy White Chocolate M academia but SR decided to discontinued it. Hubby and I got kinda disappointed. 😦

I will try to have hubby snapped more photo during the potluck.. Especially those yummy yum yum. I tell you, most my friends cooks really well… And I always salute their ability to cook!!!!!

Xmas party here I come!! I would like to wish everyone a Merry Merry 2009 Xmas!!! May your “wish list” got discovered by Santa and he’ll come down your Chimney!!!!

From: Chris, Lynette, Manfred and Jude to everyone out there!!!!

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