22hours without my purse…

It’s been quiet in most blog last few days. Mainly due to Xmas celebration.. Myself have not much time to log on to read blog or update on what I done over the weekend.

As mentioned in previous post, I was to celebrate Xmas eve at a friend’s house. I was expecting to spend the night till 11pm before we will head back to Cheras from Klang on Xmas eve. So on 24th December, I purposely drag Manfred’s afternoon nap to later. So around 12something, I brought him out to nearby shops for a little walk. We went to Manjaku @ Ampang waterfront.

See see look look then I also get a small gift for my friend’s little princess who is 3months old.  I also bought some small books for Manfred and Jude. Upon paying, Manfred request to go on kiddie ride in front of the shop. (He requested before we enter the shop and I promise him I would let him hop on before we leave.) So he was on the ride for 5 minutes, and I remember I put my purse into the shopping bag along with the stuffs I bought.

Then I told him we had to go, he request to hold on to the book we just bought. I told him I will give it to him when we go into the car. He obeyed and we proceed to car park which is just steps away. Then we head home straight.

Once I was home, I unpacked things that I just bought as usual and I did notice I dun see my purse in the shopping bag. Thinking that I been quite blur crab lately and I assumed I must have taken it out and place it some where. It didn’t occur to me AT ALL that my purse was GONE!!!!

Then I let Manfred took his nap and it was around 2.30pm already. I go on did my last minute preparation like lay out everybody’s clothings, pack for bags ( we were suppose to leave house around 4something to stop by my mum place before going for the party).

While I was at my friend’s place, I received a call from a private no. Thinking it must have been some banks making marketing call,  I was very close to not pick up the call. But then I thought, I might as well rejects them nicely.. So i pick up and she said I lost my card in Manjaku, I was a little skeptical as lately there’s a lot of credit card fraud case. (FYI my card kena fraud not long ago and I am very scared of ppl saying they calling from bank). She told me she is from Citibank and she can help me cancel my credit card. I was little suspicious and I thought I actually left my purse at home, so i told her I would call up the bank myself later.

Party goes on, feast go on, and gift exchange and chat chat chat whole night. (I shall blog bout the party later) we left the party at 11pm. Once I was home, I immediately go search for my purse and it’s no where to be found… SWEAT!! I didn’t mind bout the cash coz I remember I didn’t have much cash in it, but I was sad that it will be a very troublesome process to get back all my IDs, Manfred’s ID and ATM cards, credit cards and not to mentioned that it was actually a branded purse which I bought less than 6mths back. Hubby jokingly say it’s alright since my bro is travelling to Europe next month and I can “tumpang” him get me a new purse.. Hubby some more ask me which brand I am aiming.. Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to think of my next purse!!!!

I couldn’t sleep well that night. but somehow manage to doze off.

The next morning we were attending morning mass at 9am. We woke up extremely early to be ready for mass. After mass it was 1030am. I immediately call up Manjaku and asked if they found my purse… They told me “YES”!!!

I WAS SO SO SO relieved!!!! And happy too!! I told hubby that’s the best XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!! Hhahahahahah

REally, that’s the best gift I ever received on a Xmas day!! To find back the purse which I lost for 22 hours!! It’s happier than getting a new gift!!!

What bout you? anything to share bout ur Xmas day on 2009??

4 thoughts on “22hours without my purse…

  1. rachel

    lucky u found ur branded purse. but the content? MyKad is there la. but credit card gone since the bank call u up to cancel???

    u r truly lucky…

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