Xmas eve 2009

Yay! It’s the day of the year again!

Back to those dating days, Hubby and I would gather some friends, dressed up and go nice restaurant to have Xmas eve dinner, then we will either go partying, clubbing or sometimes we might go church before we head to KL for some crazy nights!!

Now days, Xmas is spent in a more cozy way with close family, home cook food…… This year, month before Xmas still we don’t hear any plan from family what to do on Xmas eve. And we received an invitation to have potluck at Edel’s place. So we say YES!

I been waiting for day to come………… been so so excited about it. Mainly because there’ll be friends, there’ll be friend’s kid(although only 1 or 2) and it’s the season greeting times where by we can feast and catch up and feast again!! what’s more is it’s held in the house so it’s even more enjoyable.

The menu itself make me drool when I received email from Edel. When asked who want to prepare what dish, I quick quick volunteer to bring dessert cauze I really hopeless when comes to cooking…. and I really don’t want to cook with 2 kids to handle…. lazy I am..

The Xmas menu is as below:- We almost forgot to snap picture before we start eating!! Phew! That close and we might end up with shots of missing chicken wings on the plate.. hahahaha

Food from left to right,

roasted chicken wings, Chicken Mushroom Pie with Mash potatoes topping, Aglio Olio  Pasta, chicken Fajitas with guacamole, Roasted Vegetables,  Salad,  Bruchetta, Fruit tarts and Cheese tarts. We have Chocolate temptation cake (not shown in the picture) and Ribena Lemon Frizz for drinks too!!! Are you drooling already? LOL

The party was suppose to start at 7pm. But due to the downpour,  most of us are late. Myself also reached Edel house at 7.30pm at least. And I was the 2nd to arriveD!! hahahah Although party starts a little late and everyone was already starving, but it’s worth the wait cause the food was great!!!! And want to know how hungry we are?> Look at Jude, he already started without all the guests! 🙂

The biscuits I brought for him was not enough, so I dig some mashed potato and let him have a little!! Such a treat for baby Jude!!

After a “wholesome” meal….. that’s what little babies do….. Nice chair to nap on…… He napped for more than 45 minutes!!

As for Manfred, he found his very best buddy that night, Damien… They clicked the moment they met as if they been friends forever!! they met back in Manfred’s 2nd birthday celebration. Ai may told me that Damien been asking to go to Manfred’s birthday party again cause it was FUN for him!! LOL

There’s a moment where Manfred was hooked on something and sit on his own, So hubby told him

Hubby: Manfred, go play with kor kor lar.

Manfred: Damien lar..

What he meant was we should call Damien by his name, instead of kor kor. LOL I just love hearing kids talk!!!

There’s also gift exchange at the end of the feast!

And we lazed to chat a little, give our tummy some time to digest those foods… And we still have a chocolate cake awaits in the fridge. When they took the cake out, my friends are all so kind and they did a great job entertaining Damien and Manfred, they let them both blow candles and sing them happy birthday song. 🙂 I tell you, Manfred loves birthday song, if can he would wan to hear birthday song and blow candles!!

And chocolate cake, another Manfred’s favorite, he ate quite a bit… He even “sold” himself out for the cake.. Edel told me he kisses her in order to get more chocolate cake! hahahaha

And here is some of the group photos taken. Hard to get good shot with kids! heheeh but it’s the memory that count right?

Baby Zoey with Aunt Lilian, and Aunt Michelle.

IT was a great night I had.. hubby had fun too, Manfred and Jude enjoyed!! They dozed off on the way home… Thank goodness I can just showered and sleeps right after the party as I already have a helper to unpack.  But just so you know it took me a while to fall asleep due to the incident.

Want to share your Xmas eve celebration with me????

6 thoughts on “Xmas eve 2009

    1. Lynette Chua

      Edel, of course Jude love the mashed potato! It’s adult food sure taste better than his bb food!! hahah that’s why i said it’s a treat! You want the photo in cd?? or u wan to download from FB??

    1. Lynette Chua

      Lilie, hope that next year you will be joining us shall there be any gathering like this agian…. U R like a best pal far far away…. always not here with us.. 😦

  1. Merry “belated” christmas to you and your family.

    What a great christmas gathering you had, i can see everyone had fun, including your two boys.

    Wish you an early “Happy New Year” first, just in case i did not drop by here on time. 🙂

    1. Lynette Chua

      Annie I wish you happy 2010!!! May the year of 2010 awaits you with lots of joy, and may it be a better year for you and ur family!!!

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