Jude @ 8months old.

Jude is 8months old.

I dunno how tall is he,
I dunno how heavy is he.. But i am sure he has gained, more difficult to carry him already…

He can stand holding to something.
He can cruise already
HE is crawling very fast, climbing up the stairs very fast.
He eats when he sees kor kor eat..
HE eats rice well, eats noodles well, eats porridge well, eats biscuits well, eats bread well… I dunno what he doesn’t eat well yet…

He is still as cute as ever, as adorable as ever, and as sticky as ever… Koala bear of the year award goes to Jude for sure…..
and here’s the pic of Jude enjoying bath tub session….


8 thoughts on “Jude @ 8months old.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hahahhahaha last time I dun cover when I post their naked photo, then raised controversy..hahahahah so i have to help him put on swimming trunk.. hahha

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