Cunning Jude

Jude is not as friendly as Manfred. Manfred was very laid back as baby. Anyone could carry him and he won’t fuss a bit. although he suffer separation anxiety at 9mths old. But somehow not as bad and it didn’t last long..
Jude has separation anxiety since he is 6months old and till now he is still the same. He clings to me or hubby most of the time. When I am not around, his 2nd favourite person is Em, the helper. Although he sees his paternal grandparent everyday. Still he doesn’t like them to carry him.

So when we are back to my parent place, I also suffer and have to pay the price.. he will cry whenever my dad carry him. If I am out of his sight, he might settle after a while… So when I heard quiet sound from him, I will ensure I am invisible to him so that I could get errands done.

Last week the same things happen and he just want me to carry him only. Em was busy helping my mum spring cleaning. I have no choice to carry him while my dad enjoys his dinner. Since Jude is well known as food lover, I asked dad to lure him with some rice, true enough, he chase after my dad for more RICE!!! Then i proceed to bring the high chair out and let dad continue to feed him.. He was very happy and keep banging on the table and make farnee faces.

But as soon as he is done with eating, he sealed his lips….. and dun wan my dad to carry again! Beh TAHAN!!!! So “xian shi”!!


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