We need playground…every day…

What I can’t live without each day?
1. Coffee
2. My boys
3. My sleep
4. Playground visit….

Why No4.? Are you kidding me? Playground is my life savior.. A trip to the playground make sure they used up their energy!!! I dun mind the chasing and running…. So long they asleep by 9pm… Then I can be here blogging and blog hopping…… Life is good….

FYI, Manfred cant’ shake his booty.. I dunno why…

But he has got strong arms…


6 thoughts on “We need playground…every day…

  1. Yea! Give me five!!!

    Coffee, my boys and my sleep, playground i will replace with my TV!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH

    I such a lazy mama, my boys love to go playground, it’s a good thing to bring them to playground, they can sweat, they enjoy, then back home they can wallop a big plate of rice then go to bed early. Good way to used up their energy.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Annie, *high 5* to you,. I used to be very lazy too… BUt nowdays cannot! Coz my younger boy is way too much energies!!

      I wish i can glued to tv too.. BUt just no chance to!!! My astro in room just left there to rot!

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