Having Fun at Kidz Sports & Gym

This is a backdated post.. Too busy at the last week of 09 that i hardly update my blog.
It was year end, my youngest bro, lun was on college break, younger sis, jean also clearing leave. So they were kind enough to volunteer to bring my 2 boys out for some outing..
Hubby and I passed by the Kidz Sports & Gym at 1U old wing the other day, our eyes lay on the mini ball pool and swing they have.. Immediately we wanted to bring Manfred and Jude there for a day to used up their energy! I find that sometimes those play gym doesn’t have suitable game for Jude as he is still so young. But I am pretty sure he could enjoy himself at the swing and ball pool.

So when jean and lun offer to go out with me, I suggest we go there and they both agreed. We meet for brunch at 1 Utama and then head right to the KSG! Although Jude is above 6months and chargable for entrance fee, but it’s weekday guess and they were kind enough to charge only for Manfred.. So I paid RM25 only.. Then all of us go in and have FUN!! I tell you, i secretly have lots of fun too.. cause i get to get on the slides… with Jude and Manfred on separate occasion…

There’s one covered slides which is as high as 1.5 storey, I braved myself to bring Manfred up and wanted to slide down with him. As we all never been before and knowing that Manfred is quite chicken… Jean and I made an arrangement..1 of us “test slide”, another one will “slide company” Manfred. She opted to go with Manfred and hence I slide down first lo.. I was screaming at the top of my lung cause it was so so so FAST!! (could be due to gravity pulll… hahahaha) honestly i was little scared… and worried how manfred will be when he slides down. Jean told him to hold tight to her and assured him will be alright… He went down and landed…. after he came out, he didn’t cry but he said :”MAnfred scared scared…..

AFter he was home, at night i made a call to his daddy, he told daddy on phone again :Manfred scared slides.. hahhahahahaahahah really so so so chicken.. but it’s good he knows bout danger and he would not misbehaved…

They were there for 2-3 hours.. in between Jude snack of rice cracker and my boobs.. After play Manfred told me he was hungry and ate lots of biscuits….. they both doozed off to nap right after we leave… it’s a nice experience… and i definitely love bringing them to these play ground.. and not to mention they have very thoughtful toilet for kids… mini size and kids height wash basin… So convenient coz I know there’s toilet for him nearby, and the hygiene level is good!!!


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