Diving lesson-Part 1

Yes you heard me right, I am taking diving lesson. Honestly, I never knew I would be doing this. Some how I don’t know how I landed on it… But it’s official and no turning back liao.. I am very skeptical about how I can “survive” when I go for actual dive….

Long story cut short. I attended the first lesson on Saturday. It was sunny hot day at 2pm.. With hubby, and sister and sis bf.. We all geared on and down water we went… 29years on earth and honestly I am more comfortable with breathing using my nose….. Learning to breathe with mouth underwater, really doesn’t come natural to me.. I keep surfacing to above for the first hour… And I have the tendency of forgetting to breathe normally which is very “SERIOUS SAFETY VIOLATION”!!!

To make the matter worse, I have very serious long sighted problem and wearing contact lens to go under makes me real nervous.. We somehow have to let the water go into our mask, and learn to clear the water out of the mask……. It wasn’t easy, somehow we all did it…. and I safe in piece after 3 hours of lesson…

And after 3hours under water, I can now breath normally underwater… and I start to feel it does bring a little “FUN” to me….. And I think after more practice, I can go underneath more confidently and comfortably…. Hubby seems to enjoy it a lot… sis and her bf no doubt is very much looking forward to it… I tell you, of 3 beginners including myself, I am the most nervous one.. How do I find out? Well, I used up most of the oxygen in the tank and obviously I was quite nervous and can’t help to breathe faster… 🙂

We will be going to Tioman for our test in March…. Keep you posted on how our lesson go and how the trip turns out to be.. And I certainly will make huge announcement once I am “LICENSED”! ahahahahahah

And hopefully this beautiful creature down there will make me more passionate about it and enjoy it….


5 thoughts on “Diving lesson-Part 1

    1. Lynette Chua

      cynthia, wow! U been diving before!! Cool!! I hope i will be able to enjoy… finger cross…
      And hopefully one day when Princess become elder, u can go diving again!

  1. Wowww, I salute for your courage in signing up the diving course. And I am sure you will do better next time, well done Lynette.
    Me yea, I even do not know how to swim…pai seh!

    Cynthia, I also did not know you have been diving before. Geng!

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