After more than 3weekends..

We been extremely busy for the past 3 weekends.. We haven’t got chance to visit the mall after Xmas.
Think I am busy preparing for CNY? not really. I am glad that I done most of CNY shopping before Xmas.
I am very very busy preparing for my new business. Although it takes up a lot of time of mine, and I have to hand my boys to my parents. But I enjoy every bits of it..

Today finally I went 1Utama for a little shopping.. We got to see the beautiful deco at 1Utama. I LIKEY! The pawspetiry is very cute. The dragon dance, definitely worth a trip to see it!!! It starts at 8pm……with fireworks some more!

WE got some shopping done… Had a little stressful dinner as Manfred was tired, refuse to eat.. But overall, we got what we need, we manage to grab coffee, kids had some good time, and we got home with exhausted baby and toddler and I am facebooking and blogging now.. Life is good..


5 thoughts on “After more than 3weekends..

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  2. rachel

    Congrats. I didnt know that this is ur biz. Is it a franchinse? So you mainly do house parties,etc… how soft is the ice? is it like ice kacang? u know in PJ Old town..this lady’s shop ice is very soft……….

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi Rachel,

      PJ old town ice kacang? never heard before le.. can tell me where is it and what is the shop name? maybe i go try it out….

      Freezy mainly focus on mobile kiosk, catering also. Our mobile kiosk will be on the road after CNY. It will be selling on a moving wheels at hot spots, where ppl can grab and go… we focus on conveniency for ppl. And we also do catering as in ppl can “order” the whole kiosk to their party.. So the party host can enjoy with the guests, yet the guests can help themselves with the snowy drinks..

      🙂 like a bit cheong hei d… hahaha so if u or u got fren hosting a party and need my services, let me know ya…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Thank youu Joanne!! “seng lei kuai yin”!! 🙂 Wish u and ur family a healthy year 2010~ May Sarah continue to be healthy happy and adorable Toddler!

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