CNY day 2

Day 2 begins with visits to MIL brother(Kao Fu) house for lunch. Good food there every year… This year they have moved to Old Klang Road. So it’s the first time we visit their new house too. Good food is still the same! But unfortunately Kao Mou is not in good health condition. She suffer injury on her back bone and now can only walk with aid from a stool.. Kinda heart breaking to see it. But fortunately she seems to take it very positively.

After scrumptious lunch, we then move to PJ to visit FIL eldest sister house. Hubby Tai gu Ma house.. Every year she will cook us Nyonya Laksa, sometimes got otak-otak and satay too.. She even written a recipe book on the authentic Nyonya cuisine so that the younger “LAW” generation can learn up the authentic nyonya food… We didn’t take any picture there as everyone was so so busy catching up and chatting. Amazingly, somehow Manfred and Jude only sees their GuPo once a year, she has no problem to make both of them giggle all the way while I enjoy a bowl of Laksa and some Kopi O….

After only 2 visitation, both boys were very cranky and we head home for nap… At night we went back to Klang to my parent place… We also visited my youngest uncle (FAther’s brother) house. He recently moved into his new home.. It’s quite a big house (At least to me). My uncle been quite a “topic” in Klang Bukit Tinggi. If you are a klang kaki and hang around in Bukit tinggi often enough, you will know who is he. He once converted a corner double storey house into a 3 storey building to display lightings. That particular property went on The Star Front page some where in 2005…..

Manfred had fun there as the living area was So huge that Manfred can practice his F1 skill….. My cousins loves Manfred a lot. Despite they not willing to share their drum with other kids there, they happily give the drum to Manfred…. HAHAHAHA My uncle house also got a mahjong table which automatically “sai pai”(arrange the mahjong tiles)… SO COOL…

Manfred had so much fun there that the day after he said to me :” want go jik kong house. Jik gong means uncle gong gong….I call my uncle “Beh jik” in hokkien, so my boys call my uncle jik gong..


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