I read more than those in my blogroll

I loves to read blog… I read a lot of blogs on daily basis. So sometimes I can’t help to feel guilty as I could be playing with Manfred and Jude instead of sitting in front of PC. But again, the little ME time is so important.

I read more blogs than those in my blogroll.. I tried to link up all those I reading… So if u dun see ur blog link, doesn’t mean i dun read urs 🙂 I will try to link up all my readings by MARCH!!

Chinnee mentioned she is quite addictive to blog hopping.. WOW! She really does real a lot! And I salute her cause she is also operating MAMAPATCH, have a daughter and a pair of twin boys… And she cooks and she bake sometimes..

By blog hopping, I met so many wonderful mums and women!! They inspire me that women really can go way beyond to parenting, running business, managing a household and etc….. So when I really down, I know there’re so many mums out there, facing similar and maybe greater prob than myself, if they can handle, So do i….


4 thoughts on “I read more than those in my blogroll

  1. haha…it has been a long time habit for me for these past 3 years. if i do not have internet to entertain me, i’ll go crazy at home only looking at my kids. furthermore, like u said, at least we know that we are not alone when things happen to us at home:)

  2. rachel

    for me, first thing when i logon to my pc is to write blog. last time was news reading. now…blog. i find that by reading blogs, i get encouraged n not alone feeling…

  3. Having relocated away from my Singapore home, I have made several new Mummy friends through reading their blogs. Their online journals also let me understand lifestyle in Malaysia better and fit in faster. Then I was inspired and decided to start my own blog too. Thank you very much to all Mummy bloggers! 🙂

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