The day before Chap Goh Mei

CNY we done a lot despite having sickness on and off. There’re few occasion which I would like to blog so I can show to my M&J when they grow bigger.

Mum suggest we for a family dinner at nice restaurant one day. So we all can take off the fuss of having to prepare and clean up after meals… (Mum been cooking non stop like a mad woman whole first week of CNY.)
So we set to have it on 14th day of Chap Goh Mei. Dinner was set at 6.30pm at Restaurant Klang Palace, Centro. The place has very good and nice environment for a chinese restaurant at Klang. It was full house almost everyday during CNY. We have to make the booking 1 week plus ahead.

Here is the picture of the food.. which was GOOD!

Here a introduction of my side of family.
I am the eldest of 5siblings. My parent gave birth to 3 beautiful daughters(Aiseh, muka tebal) before having 2 princes to join the family… Myself and sister, Gwyneth is married. With Chris and I have 2 very good looking boys(aiseh, again muka tebal), Manfred and Jude. Now everyone waiting for Gwyneth and Jonathan to “make” Manfred and Jude cousin to play with.. sister Jeanette, and brother Leong & Lun all also got pak tor d.. so hopefully very soon also will “lai mai tin cheong” la…

This is far most the most enjoyable family dinner for me after I have 2 babies. Manfred was pretty much seated fairly well behaved through out dinner. Jude was well behaving at restaurant too.. But he wasn’t seated too long for the Jude that we all know..Em have to carry him to some “sight seeing”.. But overall my boys eat the amount of food I am happy with and I have my stomach filled… Photos taken especially group photo. Although some ppl were looking at us when we do that, I dun care.. HAHAHAHAHA we just want a photo for memories!

Now that CNY officially gone and all have to back to the normal working schedule. As for myself, I also have to brush up and catch up on those dangling work. And not to forget I have a diving course theory test, and my diving exam in 2 weeks time.. How was your CNY celebration? Hope you enjoyed it too..


4 thoughts on “The day before Chap Goh Mei

    1. Lynette Chua

      Yes Rachel, I love the food there too.. and it’s rather pricey compare to other restaurant in klang which serves equally good food!! U been there before?

  1. joshua's mummy

    Hehe, the food makes me hungry……my CNY was really tiring. Had to travel from S’pore to KL and then to Ipoh & penang……..somemore the weather was so hot!

    1. Lynette Chua

      Shirlin, I salute you and some other mummies who can make so many long journey trips during CNY…… ALso I guess Joshie must be a real good boy so mummy n daddy can bring him to more places and get more ang paus!

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