anxiety attack…

I am having an anxiety attack….. We are flying to Langkawi tomorrow.. Both Manfred and Jude will be flying for the first time.. I AM SO SO SO SCARED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I really don’t know how hubby and I will cope…. We have no maid with us, my parents and sisters are taking another flight….. we have to leave house before 9am. Gotto get everyone dressed, packed, pooped and etc.. At airport gotto checkin, feed them breakfast and etc.



4 thoughts on “anxiety attack…

  1. rachel

    no worries la. u will do alright. remember to let the kids suck the bottle or drink water or etc..they need to swallow saliva..take off n landing time…

    have a nice holiday.

  2. You’d be fine, relax! My boy just took his first short flight and all went well. I put him in the child seat belt (clipped to my seat belt) and nursed him during take-off. He was ok.

    It’d be good to carry Jude in a carrier in the airport while checking in etc. Just make sure one parent keeps an eye on one child at all times. It can be exciting at an airport for Manfred. 🙂 Keep number of baggage and bags to a minimum so you won’t miss anything out.

    Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

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