How I dine with 2?

Why do I even use the word “dine”? I have not been “dining” since Manfred and Jude came along.. It’s mostly about galloping everything on plate ASAP before they start wailing… 😦 So lousyly trained when it come to requiring them to sit still while we eat… But some how I still bring them along whenever we go eat eat with family or when Chris and I go out… They are evil, but they are too “Cute” to be left home too.. LOL

Luckily, somehow everyday while they 2 are “down”(sleeping) I can be sipping my coffee…. quietly,peacefully… without Jude keep pulling my feet, and Manfred keep asking for MILO…. oO


3 thoughts on “How I dine with 2?

  1. I wonder soon can I still dine peacefully. Here I probably have the elder one trying to escape from high chair and there probably a crying baby yearning to cradle. 🙂

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