Disney On Ice 2010

We bought the tickets few months back during Xmas.. We bought it extremely early. We get 25% discount. I know when the show is near there might be greater discount. But I persuaded hubby to buy early for we get to choose real good seats… And it’s like making a “commitment” that we gonna go! Coz knowing us well if we did not have the ticket with us, with the busy week( we just back from Langkawi trip, had a weekend party lined up and work) We might end up not going..

When the show starts, Manfred immediately got captivated by the show! He saw many pretty jie jie skating… He told me those are friends.. He was of course very happy to see Mickey.. He was all about Mickey Mickey and more Mickey. During the 2nd half of the show, which feature The incredibles, Manfred kept asking me :”Where is Mickey?”.

With the mask and candy floss we bought for him, Later on he manage to relate The incredible on stage with the incredibles printed on the candy floss plastic bag. I ask him if he like the show? Enjoy? was he happy and etc. I got all the POSITIVE Answers! However, since he is only 29months, I really doubt if he understand the story. But so long he enjoys, whether he gets it or not, it’s not important already…

now I can’t wait for Jude to be elder, So he also can go watch the show with us in year to come..


8 thoughts on “Disney On Ice 2010

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi prince n princess mummy, thanks for dropping by my blog.. Your son is another lucky boy! How old is he now??? Did mummy enjoy the show too??

  1. we were there also, on sunday…
    but i think rachel expected something different… wasn’t too excited after the whole show… and didn’t quite understand the whole story…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi there! Oh, u brought Rachel there too!! Which show u watch? the 6.30pm show??? Perhaps Rachel want to shake hand with Mickey??? How much u bought for the ticket? got discount or not?????? I doubt Manfred understnad also.. but i guess he is still little, so long he sees something familiar aka mickey, he was very very happy liao…. he some more talk to ppl besides us, which he doesn’t know.. then he point at chris and say:” this one my daddy”, point at me say:” this one my mummy”.. Make me so paiseh…

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