Lyn is in Tioman

Departed to Tioman on Thursday night. I drove 4.5hour to reach sweet hotel for a night stay. The rocky and curvy road makes me so stress.. Thank god we reached safely at 1.30am.

Morning boat ride to Berjaya Tioman was 2 hours. it wasn’t a pleasant one. Very windy, raining all the while, hubby and sister had seasick….. Reached Resort again have to walk in the rain….Engorged breast, wet body, room not ready etc………

Somehow manage to go to dive site at 2.30pm with a clear sky…. Geared up and ready to enter the sea, wind come again, and huge wave comes!!!! I tell you, my first open water dive really wasn’t a pleasant one.. I had difficulty getting into the water as the wind and wave was so strong, causing strong currrent.. I did not have chance to really enjoy. Coz myself and another 9 open water diver students struggles a lot…….
But i did saw some sea urchin, huge corals, sting ray and big schools of fish….

i am looking forward tomorrow’s dive session. hoping for a better weather… better experience. And I hope tomorrow we can get to enjoy under water creature more…. wish me better tomorrow.. and hopefully i will be back to Kuala lumpur on sunday, as a certified open water diver.


5 thoughts on “Lyn is in Tioman

    1. Lynette Chua

      hello there,
      thanks for dropping by my blog… And thanks for subscribing to my youtube too. 🙂
      I see u have a beautiful son who turning 1 soon!!!! and u r still bf!! Good job for u!!!
      looking at ur comment, i suppose u r a diver too?? do u still go diving????”?

  1. Been following your blog since last year ^_^ secret admirer here *blush* *blush*
    Ya. I am a diver since 2003. Last dive was in 2008 during my honeymoon trip. After married, with a 9-5 job and my son now, I dun think I can dive soon :p… Maybe a few years later…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Wow! Since 2003~~~~ That means you should be quite PRO already!!! I now 30 already only want to start to learn… Finally I am certified.. waiting for my licence.><
      Where are you from? Psedornna is your name? It's a very unique name.. I have prob pronouncing it!!
      Thanks for visiting my blog on regular basis.. 🙂 I will be "stalking" urs from today onwards as i read a lot of blogs!! hehe

  2. My study was on Marine, most of my dive was doing research. We work underwater loh… Sounds FUN :p… haha… Maybe we can have dive trip together ^0^
    I’m from Penang. Psedornna just my nick name.

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