When I was away from M&J

I was from my M&J for 3d3N. I am not worried about Manfred as I know he is a very well adjusted boy. He is very fine and happy when he is with my parent. But I constantly worried bout Jude for the fact that he is very clingy to me, and he usually cries when somebody else carry him.

We did some rehearsal session(I left both them with parent on few occasion for few days). Things seems to be fine and working before I left for my Tioman. I left on thursday night after I nursed Jude. 1st worry Jude will fuss.
2nd worry Jude will not drink milk. 3rd worry, Jude will fuss.. ahahahaha
Manfred I only scare he is bored. Which my parent and my brother and sister makes a huge crew of making their weekend a fulfilling one! They went hot air balloon fair, went shopping in Aeon and etc.. I was greet by a very happy toddler with huge smile on his face on sunday night! While I was away, brother also make effort to mms me pictures, videos of both of them.. I am really glad, thankful and blessed to have my family that loves my kids as much as I do.

My worried bout JUDE? Turns out I was over paranoid. He finishes all the 16bottles of EBM i prepared. Happily nap, play, eat, poop, and go out with my parents.. I was told he even sat on potty every morning. Again Jude greets me with a big great smile when I was back home! And he head straight for my boobs since it was away for so long.. hahhaa I miss that bonding so much….

And funny thing is. I have problem express milk when I am home. Always take very long to trigger the let down. For the period that I am away, I express every 3-4 hours. And every time it takes less than 15 to express both side. And the let down come almost instantly!! And each time I collect around 4 to 5 oz. Morning session I can collect 6-9oz!!! So again I know i am still producing enough milk… I can continue to nurse Jude as long as I can..

I discard around 5-6bottles of EBM in Tioman. Coz I have no place to store the milk….. I worried the fridge in hotel is not cold enough to store the milk for 3 days…


2 thoughts on “When I was away from M&J

  1. Joshua's mummy

    Good for Jude! I was away from joshie for 4d3n last dec and he fussed quite a bit, esp during naptime n bedtime. Wonder how he will take it when I go for a 10 day holiday with Hubby in a few months time.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Shirlin, I think it’s perfectly normal for Joshie to fuss a bit cause u r the main carer… My boys see my parent every week for at least 2-3days weekly.. Joshie is a very good boy already!! Wow, 10days holiday!!! Must be a very nice place!! happy for u.. where u will heading to?>

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