Some update – Manfred

Another fun bringer to my life.
He is cuter than ever, he is more cunning than ever.
He yelled to get attention, he yelled to get what he wants, and he yells whenever kakak is taking charge of him.. He certainly know who to bully..
Did I let him be? OF COZ NOT!
Clearly I am the only one he feared… WOrking on that to let him know the importances of behaving well, rather than surrender to me…..

He starts to sing very well, he can sing independently Twinkle twinkle, Alphabet songs, baa baa black sheep,
He even sing to Our last summer tune in mama mia, no body nobody.. and many more which i cannot recall now..

He understands cantonese.. I realize it yesterday coz i was talking to my mil and telling my mil story about him, he finishes the story on my behalf…. my jaw was wide opened….
He can speaks mandarin as well. this also i didn’t know.. We used to speak mandarin with him, but he doesn’t speak at all, until last night, i told him we going to shower since he just back from play ground, He said to me :”bu yau!”

He is still of bigger size for his age… But some how i find he is not as chubby as when he is baby. It’s a good news…… i dun wan him to grow up to be fat and blame me… 🙂 he is taking his meal well now… he follows whatever we eat… So now days i cook lesser porridge already.. coz i realize he started to feel bored with porridge… He can express his feeling very well.. He can tell that he is happy, he is angry, sad, he can tell me what he wants, he can tell if he is tired, need to sleep, wants to be awake to play etc…. He is one chatty boy now…… and pure joy…. pure fun… (provided he doesn’t fuss…. 🙂


One thought on “Some update – Manfred

  1. joshua's mummy

    Hehe good that he can understand n speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. Clever boy. It’s always better for them to pick up as many languages as possible

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