Not a good weeek

This is definitely not a good week. I have a wound on my left nipple. It look very much like an ulcer.. around 2-3mm wide, and it’s quite deep… I continued to nurse Jude although I am in so much pain.. But after 2 days, I realize the wound is not healing. So I send him to my mum’s place and I express out the breast milk.

2days later, I see the wound dries up, little that I know the inner layer still not fully recovered yet.. What was on my mind that I think 2 days can heal? Sorry lar, coz I miss Jude so much already, so I bring him home lo. Who knows, after 2 feeding, i see the wound again.. and it’s painful again.. So I have to stop nursing on left breast again.. Battling with nursing only on right, then wrestle to feed him EBM with bottles.. Sigh.. never easy….

Then Jude also have cough, fever, and running nose. it’s been on and off for 2 weeks already.. Today we went for 3rd paediatrics visits.. Mainly I need to consult her on my wound, so I just tag Jude along. DOctor seems to say he is alright.. Coz he is still very active.. In fact he started to walk today… My wound, apply cream lo.. I see some progress now.. but very slow to my expectation.. I really dread the days Jude with me which I have to bottle feed him… I HATE IT!!!!!!!

Please let me heal ASAP! So I can continue to breastfeed….and illness go go go away.. Let me see my happy Jude, healthy Jude, and sleep well Jude…

FYI, 5 minutes ago, hubby called and told me he is having high fever…

sigh… When will this end?


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