Baby Charlize – update

Remember I welcomed my buddy charmaine’s little princess, Charlize? Charlize is almost 3 months old now!!!

Again this is a little update of my best buddy’s baby! And 1 very good news to share is, mama Charmaine manage to fully breastfeed Charlize!!! Good job mama Charmaine! IT was again a rocky road… Friends and family gave charmaine so much support that I also see she is so strong, determined and willing to sacrifies for her little babies!

I went to her place last week and admired her STOCKS! 🙂 She even give away some of her EBM to another friends’ sister in law cause she experience low milk supply too…

Charlize is a very bright and intelligent baby.. Challenging for mama Charmaine! but i am sure she will do just fine..


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