My mother’s day pressie

I was treated a very good mother’s day present… not a physical one, but something more special. I request to have a “day out” with one of my friend. Child free, hassle free and mind free… On 8May Saturday, my friend Charmaine came fetch me from mum’s house at 10am. We head off to SS2 for dim sum… chit chat a bit then went off to 1utama for shopping..

Finally I have a “mama friend” who understand what motherhood and how it’s like to shop when you become 1.. When you go out with non mama friend, chances are they have plenty of time…. This friend of mine now know why I walk even faster, pee even faster and do things so so so thunder speed after 2 boys come along(FYI, I was miss pee queen coz by the time my friend take off their panties in the toilet, I am already out there washing my hand).

With kids, every thing must be done in super duper speed. Hence we eat, then shopping also gotto be very objective driven. List of thing to buy, targeted retail shop to go, how long to spend there, when to grab that cuppa and when to go to “potty break” and etc….. then got to plan latest what time have to leave the mall before we both have to deal with leaking breast……

WE had a blast eating breakfast, shopping at 1utama(went to forever 21 although we are almost 31!) mark n spencer, dorothy perkins and some baby apparel store….. We able to cross off things we want to buy on list! ON TIME! And before we leave, we grab some muffin and juice and coffeee to feast on the way home… As for me, I get to “milk” myself as I was blessed that I don’t have to drive that day!

I have absolute fun although it’s only for half day…… And when i went back to my mum’s place to pick up my M&J, there’re gone??!! Coz hubby took them all back to cheras.. hahahahahah again I was child free for another few more hours…. Thank you my parent and hubby who took care of my boys while I go kai kai…

There are what I got for myself.. I also got 2 sets of baby wear for Jude which he wore on the next day for his 1st birthday.


6 thoughts on “My mother’s day pressie

  1. edeltwong

    Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun shopping with a friend who have children ! ahem ahem…….. hahahhaah
    I guess things are pretty different when you have kids ya…. something a single friend like me can’t understand.

    1. Lynette Chua

      edel, we used to all shop together.. I used to be the one who will survey gao gao only buy.. Now really wan to survey? ish.. buy nothing liao!! ahhaahaha

    1. Lynette

      Joanne, thanks… And yes, ur eyes are super sharp!! Hahahahs I did wear the White blouse during mataking trip…..

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