Jude’s first driving experience..

This is Jude’s first driving experience. On and off we bring Manfred to The curve for the kiddie rides and this time, we decided to let both of them get on the rides.. Jude of course doesn’t know how to maneuverer the electrical car, but Hubby use the remote control to control it! And we though Jude might jump off the car, to our surprises, he sits in quietly, enjoying it for good 15minutes!!!!!!

Manfred on the other hand have to ride the motorcycle as all the other cars were taken! He still enjoy it alot. But after 15mins ride on the motorbike, he wants more! And hubby gave in by giving him another 15mins ride on another car… Which Jude and I went to nursing room! IT was a short outing to The Curve on Sunday morning. WE met Charmaine, my buddy and her hubby and Charlize for lunch.. And got aeroplane by Lilian who initially joining us for lunch… (I guess traffic was really bad by lunch)…


3 thoughts on “Jude’s first driving experience..

  1. Both of them enjoyed the ride so much.
    For Sarah, she is afraid to sit on a MOVING kids ride. She will said..”mommy, dont put money yeah” 🙂

    And at home, she also got an electrical motorbike. But she just do not dare to sit on it. So either the bike will be drive by me or she will sit at the back of the bike and I be the driver:-)

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