We watch SHREK Together

Yes, Last Friday after we celebrate Jude’s Lunar birthday at home, we all went MV for a movie session… Hubby, Manfred, Jude and I. Hubby had already watched it and suggest I go for Shrek with Manfred and he offer to babysit Jude on his own. VOILA! Of coz I jumped on the deal and Bought the ticket right away!

I bought 2 tickets and all 4 of us went in together. Jude’s interest on the big screen only last for …. say 10min top! So after 10minutes I ask hubby to bring Jude out and go find their own Adventure! Manfred and myself sits in the cinema watching Shrek, munching on popcorn and fried nuggets! Heheheheheheh Breeze…… Although Manfred kept asking for more coke which hubby finish off before he left, I gave him water with ice and he happily drinks it..

He was very very into the movie and for the fact he get to snack, he sits still and till the show ends… in between we went for potty break and he kept pestering me to get back in QUICK! IT was a very enjoyable moment.. after Jude came along, I have really very little time to spend with Manfred, alone. Which sometimes makes me really guilty as I am not able to give him as much attention he enjoyed before.. Of coz I still love him very much and I love Jude as much too.. Just the motherly guilt attack. I constantly feel guilty for not spending enough time with each of them depsite being a SAHM..

AFter the movie, I brough Manfred to walk around and some kiddy rides.. I couldn’t reach hubby as i guess he forgot to off the silent mode.. Later I found out he was playing with Jude at Robinson toys department… THen I went to meet them together..

While I was away from Jude, he pooped and hubby have to wash him all by himself(luckily I told hubby don’t come find me if he poops!! Only if he is super hungry and need nen nen hubby shall interrupt my movie session.. LOL) Later I found out hubby posted a status update at FB saying ” XXX is tiring after solo babysitting Jude at MV..”

I can’t help laughing it out as Jude is always a very active baby and trust me, you definitely need energy to keep up with him!!!!

With Manfred being able to sit in for movie, I can enjoy more movies !!! YA YA!!


2 thoughts on “We watch SHREK Together

  1. Nice alone time with your elder son! No more hubby time already ah? 🙂

    But I know what you mean….since my #2 came, I miss my time alone with my #1.

    1. Lynette Chua


      Thanks for stopping by my blog…. 🙂 I wish I could have more time with hubby too… But we both know now is the time to prioritize kids… 🙂 alone time are rare… once in a while we go mamak stall at night after both asleep…

      You also realize now with caylee so little time for no1 right?? I guess all m ama feel the same…


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