Jude’s at Shichida

It’s his first term since April. Tomorrow will be the last lesson for the term. He misses 4 class this term… He and Manfred was not well for sometimes and I stop all their outing including shichida for a month. I have not expect anything from Shichida or Jude yet.

I know persistent is important. I still struggle to get him to sit still and concentrate in class. However I know it will take time for him to adapt. I just have to keep believing in him.. If he concentrate 20% time in the class, then he gets 20% input already. If he doesn’t go at all, then it will be 0%..

One thing good about going shichida is finally he is more used to travelling in car seat. He still on in car seats 100% of the time, but at least everytime I bring him to class, I just need to pre plan and make sure he is well fed and off we go.. He fuss a little but he has no choice since I am alone with him. He takes car seat better now but still cannot sit in for more than hours.. I see improvement and I am happy!

I hope by age of 18months, He will be buddy buddy with car seat… Then I will have less trouble bringing him out alone!


One thought on “Jude’s at Shichida

  1. Thanks for your positive feedback on Shichida when I asked you months ago. We really enjoyed our first term and have been doing home practice daily. I can see my boy picking things up quickly.

    It’s ok even if they don’t seem to be concentrating; the input would still enter them. Take care and enjoy your classes! 😉

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