Jude with car seat

It’s a beautiful Sunday. We schedule to run few errands in the morning before proceeding to have a walk in 1utama.

We have to travel from Klang to Damansara Perdana, have breakfast at Hailam kopitiam, then go to Ritze Perdana. then drive again to 1 utama… In and out the car for more than 4 times and Jude happily let us strap him in.. The best part is, he remain seated till we reach our destination.

As a mum, I can’t help to feel extremely proud of Jude as we face quite a obstacles in getting him to accept car seat… Persistent does pay off… I hope soon he will develop a very good ‘relationship’ with car seat.. Just like Manfred… Then my dream of having more road trip as family of 4 could come to realization…….

Jude, mummy is waiting ya.. And I am sure you will get there real soon…


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