Upsize after 4months

Manfred inherit the big foot gene from his maternal grandfather. Yes my grandfather has huge feet and mind you his shoes have to be custom made… And myself, and my youngest brother always make my parent run almost whole peninsular Malaysia seeking for school shoe back then.

Manfred has got huge feet too. The moment he turn 1, I have to buy size 6 adidas shoe for him.( I did bought 1 size bigger) after 3 weeks his show start to be tight again… For the first 6months where he starts to wear shoes, I bought more than 4 pairs of shoes for him. Not because I want to make him fashionable but his feet just keep on growing… Then after a while it stagnant.

This year I bought a new pair of shoe for him before Chinese New Year. Now he been wearing for 4 months plus and this month I feel it’s getting tight again. Hubby also complain hard to put on the shoe for

So we been scouting for new shoe for Manfred. I spotted a pair of shoe which is similar with what Jude has now but different colour. I realize baby size biggest is size 10 and he is already exhausted size 10. So have to move to buying kids size. The promoter dropped her jaw when I told her Manfred is only 2.5year old. We love that pair of shoes very much but I walk off without buying it.

Was the promoter problem? Na.. She been an excellence service to us. RM250 for a kiddo shoe? Which he might be wearing for less than 6months? Forget about it…..

We found a better buy few steps away. And Manfred say he look handsome In it too.. And he told us it’s comfortable to be wearing it. 🙂 mission accomplished.

I now present you his first OshKosh foot wear. Light n comfy… Snapped o easily too.. RM129.90 nia…

And can you see his feet trying on the checker shoe?? Do you think it look like a 2.5year old’s foot???


4 thoughts on “Upsize after 4months

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi Ann, yes I also feel the shoe very stylo… Hahhaha Manfred not born xtremely handsome so we got to make him stylo to catch girl attention! Lol


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