Orientation Day

Finally it’s orientation day for Manfred’s kindergarten. I been waiting for the day to come. The day my boy is officially a Big Boy to go to school. Although it’s just kindergarten, as a mum, I just can’t help to get excited and nervous over it.

It’s a Sunday and my MIL agreed to take Jude at home so I could concentrate and help Manfred get familiar with the school and teachers there. It’s my first time to kindergarten and honestly I do not know what to expect during orientation day. We left home at 8.45am to bring Manfred for breakfast nearby his kindergarten. The food was nothing to shout about as I would say it didn’t even up to my expectation.

We reached kindergarten early, it was only 10.05am. It starts at 10.30am. Does it mean we just play the waiting game? Of course not, the kindie has already got activities station awaits all the newbies! Manfred felt right at home and ran to check out the station the moment he stepped in. He did finger painting, play dough, painting, fishing, watering plant and etc… Halfway through helping kakak with plants, he spotted a car in the play ground area. He abandoned everything and ran to the car and start having fun at the playground.

Around 10.45am, the orientation starts and we were to sing song and dance together. The teachers and assistant there are all very kind, patient and nice people. No one cried during orientation. Maybe because all parents are there with the kids.After singing and dancing session, all children Q in a choo choo train manner to go potty break and wash hand. LOL that was a chaotic scene as all are new to Queuing up. Someone wouldn’t put their hand on other’s shoulders, some wouldn’t touch other’s shoulder. Some just refuse to join in the crowd and etc… Teacher sing song as they bring the Q to the wash room… It’s good so children can sing along next time.

They proceed to enter classroom. They have designated area to place their shoes outside the classroom. I have yet to teach Manfred which rack to put his shoes. I hope teacher can help out on that. They were given butter cake and vitagen for snack. Manfred keep saying :”I want vitagen! I want vitagen!” of course teacher told him he has to finish off his cake before he could drink his vitagen. 🙂 He wallop so fast that he got choked a little. but he finishes it by himself. That’s all that matters. Of course he was a happy boy cause he get his vitagen!

The weather turned bad shortly and they have to dismiss the orientation early. We head home the moment it start

s drizzling…. It was a fun filled day. I am quite confident the teacher will do a great job in taking care of Manfred. ANd I look forward to Monday when actual school day starts.


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