Initially Don’t want share one…

Initially I don’t want to share about this here one. But he is one very important person in my life and I can’t just pretend nothing is happening. Though life still goes on, just that we have something else that we need to divert time, attention, effort etc to only.

Everyone in the family is taking this well. We just focus on the positive side and being proactive. Just add us into your prayer and hope that god will guide us into the right direction, meeting the right doctor at the right time to give proper diagnosis.

My dad is diagnose with liver cancer and operation is the option. Please pray for my dad as this is a big surgery. He undergone a minor muscle tissue surgery on his knee just less than a year back and he was screaming of pain already…. (I never once in my life hear my dad complain about pain… so i know he is in real great pain..) that incision was merely 4to6 inches long… This time we are looking at least 10times longer incision.. I don’t know how he cope with wound on outer and his liver post operation.


11 thoughts on “Initially Don’t want share one…

  1. Hi Lyn!

    I’ll pray that you guys find the right doctor, and that your father is calm and collected and handling this well. I also pray that the rest of you MUST stay positive and cheerful – not much of a help if you guys are showing off negative depressed look around your father. Stay strong and have faith ya!

    ( I’m a full-time mummy )

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