Jude @ 14month

Rarely keeping a monthly update on my boys. But this month must record. Jude finally pile on some kgs after 3 months. Finally he has gained 600gm compared to previous month.

Weight: 10.3kg
Height: NA

He can say lots more words now. He will bring his vit C n say ‘open’. He can call ah ma, ah gong, ye ye, ma ma, mummy( he say a mi) kakak, kor kor.

Things he can recognize car, bus, sky, cat, shoe, leg, mouth, eyes, head, water, biscuits, bag, key,

He can take a lotnof instruction and sometime when we reason something to him he can understand and the whining stops…


3 thoughts on “Jude @ 14month

  1. Woah! Jude can call so many family members already! How cute!

    Isabelle also cant say much yet. Just a few words and that also blur blur, cant really understand her. But still sounds cute.

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