Manfred’s day out with Daddy

Monday Hub took a day off. I was extremely busy this particular day with some recent issue in my family. Hub was great to take over the chauffeuring from me. Hub send Manfred to school together with my PIL and Jude. And pick Manfred back from school also.

Since it was a whole crew to send Manfred to school, Manfred cried and extremely upset as the rest of the crew didn’t join him in school. 😛
Here you can see he was extremely upset and crying. Miss Queenie was comforting him.

Despite that, he came back a happy boy from school. Hub brought Manfred for a day out to 1U after school. Mainly cause hub has to pick up his DSLR. I can tell they have awesome FUN! of course la. Cake, car road show, Starbucks…… Happy daddy, happy Manny lar……


3 thoughts on “Manfred’s day out with Daddy

  1. Jeanette

    I think manfred was upset cos he felt everyone is going ‘kai kai’ without him? He scare he would miss the fun? Hahaha cute la him….

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